The Unbelievable Tale of Maggie McGrew


Lace up your boots and take the whole family on a fun-filled journey with the delightful Miss Maggie Mcgrew. Be amazed as she discovers a world filled with fun-loving animals who aren’t afraid to be different teaching us all how to follow our dreams no matter what other people, or in this case, other animals may think.

Second place winner of the 2020 Colorado Independent Publishers Association’s EVVY award for best children’s picture book.
Recommended for Ages 3-7

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The Tiny Pine


After suffering an unfortunate twist of fate, The Tiny Pine finds himself alone and scared, separated from the ones he loves.  Using love as his guide, he sets out to realize his dream of reuniting with his family.  Along the way, he learns that even in the most challenging times hope and beauty are always close by and that believing in oneself is a force that can carry you through any hardship.
Recommended for Ages 6-10

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Gary the Grasshopper


Say hello to Gary the Grasshopper, local outcast turned town hero of Hopperville where grasshoppers JUMP because that’s what good grasshoppers do!  But not Gary!  Gary loves to SWIM!  And swim he does, everyday down in his secret little pond, far away from the ridicule and criticism of just about every hopper in Hopperville.  Such a brave little grasshopper he is, he decides to build himself a sailboat and live out on his beloved pond forever. Believing in himself, Gary perseveres and accomplishes his goals, turning him into the talk of the town and local celebrity.

Recommended for Ages 3-7

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The Good Grape

A Story of Finding Confidence In Being Different

Have you ever felt like you don’t belong?  Or, perhaps, scared or anxious about trying something new?  Or maybe even so socially awkward, afraid of being laughed at, that you try to become invisible?
Well, that is how The Good Grape, once known as Sour Grape, lived his life until his best friend, Sweet Pea, figures out a way to help him face his challenges and insecurities.  And along the way, teaches others how to be kind and supportive to those who are misunderstood and walk through this world a bit differently than everyone else.

Recommended for Ages 6-10

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Billy Goat Gabe and the Love Brigade

A book about random acts of kindness and gifts of the heart.

It has often been said that “It is better to give than to receive”, and Billy Goat Gabe and the Love Brigade teaches just that.  This is a 30 page sing-songy tale about the spirit of giving as well as the joy of receiving, whether it be a material item or something as simple as a smile.  Billy Goat Gabe and the Love Brigade shows how contagious giving becomes and how a simple act of kindness can make all the difference in someone’s life, whether it be a loved one or a perfect stranger.

Recommended for Ages 3-10

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