The Unbelievable Tale of Maggie McGrew

Maggie McGrew

Lace up your boots and take the whole family on a fun-filled journey with the delightful Miss Maggie Mcgrew. Be amazed as she discovers a world filled with fun-loving animals who aren’t afraid to be different teaching us all how to follow our dreams no matter what other people, or in this case, other animals may think.

Second place winner of the 2020 Colorado Independent Publishers Association’s EVVY award for best children’s picture book.
Recommended for Ages 3-7

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The Tiny Pine

The Tiny Pine

After suffering an unfortunate twist of fate, The Tiny Pine finds himself alone and scared, separated from the ones he loves.  Using love as his guide, he sets out to realize his dream of reuniting with his family.  Along the way, he learns that even in the most challenging times hope and beauty are always close by and that believing in oneself is a force that can carry you through any hardship.
Recommended for Ages 6-10

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