The Unbelievable Tale of Maggie McGrew


Meet Miss Maggie in “The Unbelievable Tale of Maggie Mcgrew. ”  Join her on a magical adventure through the countryside where lovable animals come to life and the unimaginable must be seen to be believed.

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The Unbelievable Tale of Maggie Mcgrew.

By Margie Gale

As our young heroine heads out for a day’s adventure she becomes confronted with joyful animals who dare to be different.  As she witnesses peer pressures of conformity, Maggie learns firsthand how to embrace one’s own uniqueness as well as how important it is to accept others no matter how different they appear.  “The Unbelievable Tale of Maggie Mcgrew is a fun-packed story that leaves it’s readers inspired to accept their own undeniable uniqueness and the strength to share it with the world.

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